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Oracle Gold Partner Implementation and Reseller


When crowned as a Gold level member in the Oracle Partner Network (OPN) Specialised program, you can cast spellbinding solutions to charm and accentuate new businesses by providing solutions for their subsisting clientele. You become a part of the blue ocean strategy as a modus operandi, simply by being tagged a Gold member, which will ultimately take you places as opposed to your contemporary businesses.

Empowering Oracle Solutions

As an Oracle Privileged Partner, we offer the following solutions

Ensure optimization of application

Access whole Oracle technology product stack and apply to resell all packaged Applications and server and storage offerings

Develop your own identity exemplified with the best skills and expertise to stand out from the rest.

Utilise to the best potential the exclusive telephone based business development support.

Initiate closing deals for customers by providing them access to Oracle Financing

Review complimentary development licenses.

Be at the receiving end of free software updates ad patches for technical and application products. Be privileged enough to gain access to the whole Oracle Portfolio with the authority to sell the technological products and services offered by Oracle

Developing a Specialization

The Gold OPN specialisation is a means to Oracle-certified expertise.

Let your Applications experience the beauty of being termed ‘Oracle Exastack’ – Once you reach this threshold, you can delve in promotions using logos which accentuate and make prominent the status.


Getting to the target and achieving Oracle Exastack –

An optimised status is a implication of getting a notch higher with your solutions for Oracle Exastack. This is primarily because it gives you access to the luminaries in the arena who work to promote your status upgrade to your potential clientele. Technical resource persons who are well versed with the know how are also engaged on your behalf, as also being given the leeway of having access  to dedicated lab environments where software applications can be tested and tuned with Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud component products including Oracle Solaris, Oracle Linux, Oracle VM, Oracle Database, and Oracle WebLogic Server.

“The focus that Oracle Partner Network has placed on specialization provides us with the ability to select qualified partners that have demonstrated expertise in a specific product or solution. This program eliminates the guesswork and helps ensure we find the right partner to fit our needs.” Dave Lyons, Director, Information Technology, Baptist General Convention of Texas

Enablement 2.0

ENABLEMENT 2.0 – is a mark of commitment from Oracle to bringing out the best in their partners with an ongoing education/training plan for them. Partners who associate themselves to this plan have an upper hand and a winning edge when it comes to representing by way of selling and implementing Oracle products, and developing Oracle based solutions that put forth cent percent accurate results to their customers/clientele. The Enablement 2.0 plan is a package which consists within it everything from “boot camps” to live Web Classes to instructor-guided training.

The benefits under these are listed below –  although exhaustive, they are not just limited to the following –

  • Free, online, role-based training plans and education roadmaps from the OPN Competency Center
  • Free access to the Oracle University Knowledge Center Passport
  • A 25 percent discount on Oracle University products and services
  • Free attendance to online seminars and selected training events and workshop

“The OPN Specialized program provides an easy way for customers to identify qualified partners in specific products or industries. Hitachi Consulting is growing our practices in the applications area under this program, and we are already seeing the benefits. We welcome this program and we believe that it can help us strengthen our position in the market.” Daisuke Nishimura, Board Member / Managing Director, Hitachi Consulting

Hit the target by achieving advanced specialisation –

As a Gold Partner you can flaunt the veracity of your global implementation resources.  You can also exploit the business and Development Support as partners at the Gold level have access to proactive, outbound, telephone based support. This could be for several purposes like business r administrative functions and/or account development.

Brownie points for opting to be Gold Partner –

  1. Ability to offer your customers/clientele a myriad solutions so as to enable them finance their purchase through Oracle Financing.
  2. Get all benefits available to partners at the Silver Level, which is inclusive of handsome discounts on OPN products and services, as also open access to Oracle’s Partner Business Centre.

The following enlisted below are the development benefits –

  • Migration toolkits, workbenches, and third-party migration solutions
  • SOA-based Oracle-validated integration (available for a fee)
  • Discounts on Oracle Enterprise Linux support
  • Unlimited access to development licenses for Oracle technology
  • Opportunities to highlight added value and differentiated Oracle-based solutions and services to customers via preferential placement across the OPN ecosystem, including the OPN Solutions Catalog and Web pages As a Gold-level partner, you also benefit from joint sales and marketing efforts that can boost your sales by advertising your partnership with Oracle. These include
  • Professional development of joint customer success stories
  • Oracle partner branding and logos to use on collateral, Websites, and other marketing materials In addition to exclusive, telephonebased support, Gold-level support benefits include
  • Free software updates
  • Discounts on service request packs
  • Discounts on selected offerings from Oracle Advanced Customer Services

The cherry on the cake will be –

  1. You get to experience the feeling of being verified as having the requisite skills and competency to achieve beyond your niche areas of business.
  2. Be recognized by Oracle for your trusted relationships, based on in-depth product and industry knowledge and proven value that you’ve added for customers
  3. Be chosen over the rest by customers and Oracle’s own sales team with validated references for each area of specialization OPN offers members access to Oracle’s compelling product portfolio and the ability to sell products that are market-leading and well accepted in the marketplace—as evidenced by Oracle’s large installed base. By providing training, education, and support; specialization certifications that increase partner revenues and customer satisfaction; and a streamlined way to conduct business with Oracle that simplifies your operations, OPN Specialized opens business opportunities and helps you deliver even more value to your customers.



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