Healthcare IT

Powering Digital Transformation on Care Delivery & Management

At Diligent Group, we help healthcare providers reduce expenses, enhance satisfaction of clientele, deliver promising care, manage risk and compliance, as also engage in digital transformational power from  care delivery to management of wellness affairs.

Helping Healthcare Firms Perform Better

Sustainable and consistent growth is ensured with the help of this kind of digital revolution by addressing the ever fluctuating needs of the customers. This can be by way of chiselling regulatory compliance, help handle adverse, tense events, support and promote growth opportunities in new market bases, as also make it cost effective. We take the assistance of some platforms that help us come up with solutions for real world business issues.

Massive influx of data and computational linguistics Like C, Java, etc improves cash flow with splendid risk based collections.

Robotic process automation and computational linguistics help channelise and automate cash applications, as also boost liquidity with predictive analytics to generate commentaries through conversational Artificial Intelligence.

Connect with suppliers for prompt payment and transparency

Transform process of choosing and buying connecting with suppliers.

Optimize invoice processing through e-services, machine learning, dynamic workflow and robotics.

Avoid duplicate payments with the assistance of machine learning.

Develop and build on confidence by simplifying and automating reconciliation process.

Take the help of data engineering and advanced visualisation bu acquiring real-time insights and takes on business performance.

Acquire and maintain regular insights and management reporting from big data and computation linguistics.

Encourage and scale up savings by revamping budget planning and execution with advanced analytics and forseeability.

360 Degree Solutions

Within the healthcare industry there are several industries with a variety of relative engagements like research to facilities management to actually manufacturing. Diligent Group partners with several healthcare companies while helping harness he digital via media in a swift manner by using suitable and appropriate approaches. This could mean a combination of Advanced process-centric digital technologies, design thinking and lean principles.  This leads to Smart Solutions and Operations.

Protecting sensitive personal data, identity & communications

In cases of cyber security, machine learning which is uninterrupted by humans has the potential and is programmed in such a way so as to collect, analyse and process data and information, which enables better to understand and analyse the prior instances of cyber attacks and bullying and thereby develop respective defence responses. All this requires a minimally skilled or trained cyber security force.

This is primarily because it sets in place an effective and automated cyber defence system or software. This technique has also been used by the biggies in the field of software such as Apple, which has exploited this particular invention in order to secure their users’ personal information and ensure keeping them safe.

At Diligent Group we help protect our clients’ sensitive, personal data, identity and communications by securing your points of entry, whether it is  device or someone logging in from another machine. Keeping in view your existing security systems, we can integrate or upgrade the level of security, or we could even start from Square one

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