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Automated application security testing & cost effective solutions

Diligent Group creates and designs softwares which are automated application security testing solution that makes exhaustive and detailed solutions that ensure simple and cost effective cyber security for software applications. Making it possible to submit a code at any given point in time, enterprises no more have to purchase hardware or software, or invest their limited resources in a plethora of other seemingly important requisites, such as for training personnel, or spending resources and time in order to keep these applications up to date and on the go always.

Securing your company's data with advanced solutions

The quotient relating to flexibility and ease of implementation helps and allows the enterprise to scale application security assurance swiftly and also without much effort, to meet the ever increasing demands to cyber security in software developments.


Users in possession of several devices at the same time with automatically enrol all of them with ease/ Each of these several devices being registered digitally and keyed to a single user and can be easily teacked and reported in case of a theft or the like. When and if reported, certain countermeasures are initiated and when and if the said device is ultimately found, the same can be easily re-enrolled for continued service

Signing Documents

Several authorising measures which were otherwise one manually on paper can now be done digitally through e-signatures, authorised collaborators, time-stamps as also encryptions/decryption to contracts, statements, invoices, legal and financial in file formats such as PDF, DOC and XLS.

Tight and secure authentication

Now manage and audit both user and device identities, allowing granular control over who accesses your services, data and digital assets, or what devices tries to access the same, with the help and assistance of your internet/extranet/intranet resources.

Private Virtual Networks

Now issue certificates for connections to your VPN routers like Open VPN, Cisco, Juniper, etc

Secure Communications

Develop solid connections between SSL/TLS Servers and SSL/TLS Clients for your internal private networks. The cost is minimal, negligible and affordable as compared to buying vendor provisioned digital certificates.

Online Validation

The status of every strong and secure connection request whether logging into a remote application or opening newly a file on your local machine or device, is validated by automatic strong authentication. The online service provided can process thousands of requests per second, or by the fraction of a minute.

Secure Emails and Smart Cards

End to end encryption, flexible and secure communication can be possible at a time when tampering of email content, scrutinise and prevent exposing email content as also preventing exposure of the content. Effortlessly, it integrates with the email clients list and web hosted email applications. Smart cards on the other hand, gives effect to multi-factor authentication usually for physical access control i.e. for opening doors and actually logging on to computers. Switching on a manufacturing line or a power station is a typical and patented use in manufacturing or utilities operations.

Counterfeit Prevention

The “bake in” feature key is enabled when the IC Chip manufacturing and integrated assembly manufacturers initialise the components, then the key gets validated.

Time Stamping

Two questions mostly asked by a computer user when he or she views a digital document or an online record – a) Who is the author of this record – who wrote it, approved or consented to it? b) When was this said record created or last modified or amended?

Code Signing

You can be sure of your process being protected and safety of the software running on your servers, cloud and end users. These cannot be tampered with when you secure your software development process.

Single Sign On

Multiple applications and servers can be accessed simultaneously with the help of master credentials. Application logins by anyone who accesses an unattended desktop or device is also strictly prevented.

Cost Effective & Simple Solutions

In order to deal effectively with and combat cyber threats, these software applications scan for a number of malicious or superfluous or nasty codes as also for programming errors. These include lack or dearth of functionality which may invariably or inadvertently compromise enterprise security.

These softwares can directly be integrated into testing cycles of development, delivery and assuring a first class software assurance and letting developers concentrate on their core and main areas of competencies instead of becoming software security experts themselves. These specific software applications enable enterprises to economically and conservatively help protect enterprises as against the ever multiplying terse and tense cyber security challenge.

Protecting sensitive personal data, identity & communications

In cases of cyber security, machine learning which is uninterrupted by humans has the potential and is programmed in such a way so as to collect, analyse and process data and information, which enables better to understand and analyse the prior instances of cyber attacks and bullying and thereby develop respective defence responses. All this requires a minimally skilled or trained cyber security force.

This is primarily because it sets in place an effective and automated cyber defence system or software. This technique has also been used by the biggies in the field of software such as Apple, which has exploited this particular invention in order to secure their users’ personal information and ensure keeping them safe.

At Diligent Group we help protect our clients’ sensitive, personal data, identity and communications by securing your points of entry, whether it is  device or someone logging in from another machine. Keeping in view your existing security systems, we can integrate or upgrade the level of security, or we could even start from Square one

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