Cloud Computing

Innovate interconnect & secure your business apps and data with ease now, irrespective of their living

You can now focus on enterprise innovation with ease. Secure your data and applications and keep them also complaint with over 50 global data centers. Gain more from your data. Connect diverse variety of data from inside and outside your firewall with industry-specific data science models.

Infuse Cognitive throughout

Enhance problem solving exponentially with built-in AI and machine learning capabilities


This software controls inventory by providing material managers and planners. SCP helps guide and recommends what to make and how much to make as also when to make it in order to fulfil demands and also maintain, at the same time paying attention to not exceeding the desirable levels of inventory that is set. This includes forecasting, time-phased demand planning, MRP, constraint planning as also optimised scheduling. SCP is used to better planning and organising your supply chain and for Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) Partnerships

High Jump WMS

The main characteristics of this software include – speed, accuracy, fulfilment by directed and optimised workflow, utilising advanced wireless and bar code technologies

AIM Vision SCM

AIM Vision, the ERP and SCM software package for repetitive manufacturers, features EDI Integration into production scheduling along with demand smoothing. Demands are used to generate MRP/CRP repots, fully in sync for supply chain planning. It is also known for meeting NMOGT/TS 16949 requirements. It also includes within its ambit outside processing, lot control, finite scheduling, two-levels of tool/workstation scheduling logic, AIAG barcode label generation as also being known for its operator friendly edit and validation aids

Gain Systems

This software is a perfect combination of an innovative, creative approach as also a comprehensive and exhaustive supply chain optimisation software which is known for delivering amazing results with very minimal risk factors. The holistic approach utilised by us considers comprehensive error and variability across demand supply and operations producing inventory optimisation which is known for dynamically addressing every SKU by way of location across the enterprise. Demand Planning and Forecasting, Inventory Optimisation, Replenishment/Production Optimisation and SI & Op are all offered by GAINS

Don't Restrict , give yourself more options

  1. Develop cloud-native applications: Rapidly develop and deploy innovative cloud-native applications designed for the cloud economy and ecosystem.
  1. Generate cognitive solutions: Create new partnerships between people and computer to accentuate, scale and accelerate human expertise through IBM Watson
  1. Fuel innovation with data and analytics: Answer the toughest business queries and questions, uncover patterns and pursue breakthrough, course-changing  data  by engaging your organisation in the same
  1. Re-imagine transactional applications with blockchain: Unlock your ecosystem’s potential through a business network where everyone has control, but no one is real control. Do this by using IBM Blockchain.
  1. Keep existing solutions on the private cloud: Provide higher control and security by keeping your cloud private, that is solely dedicated to your organisation.
  1. Leverage cloud for development and testing: Develop, test and deploy applications at the speed of cloud ad an enterprisial scale by building new capabilities for digital disruption
  1. Create and extend cloud-native and legacy applications and data: Effortlessly integrate and fuse applications, data and processes across both on-premises and cloud environments and ecosystems.
  1. Build and scale existing apps in the public cloud: Use a common platform for management, networking and security, thereby helping mover workloads to the cloud without much effort.



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